Electro Surgical Units

Report all problems whether fixed or not to 3-LIVE  (3-5483).

Error Code 1523  Could not pull the history off the unit!!!

You get a invalid line error if the line is not inserted in the right hole for the line.  It doesn’t like that.

Error Code 1208
2/1/13:  Unit was powered up and showed 3/4 battery power.  Unit opened auto syringe correctly.  No error code was given.  Researched error Code 1208.  It is   Motor drive recognition of direction of Rotation.  In other words the stepper motor was moved manually (Auto syringe pulled out or pushed in manually).  Stepper motor is reset when unit is turned off and back on.  Auto syringe returns to 0 point and resets. Unit was cleaned and returned to service LP

Error Code 2202
1/31/2014:  Unit was powered up and showed full charge.  Unit showed error 2202 which is stepmotor PH1A not 0. That refers to the motor that opens the door for the infusion tubing. The door was open but the unit believed the motor was closed.  Left door open and restarted unit.  Pressed door open button.  Unit opened the locking mechanism and gave error again.  Restarted unit again and unit cleared error.  The stepper motor was reset when unit is turned off and back on.  Unit was tested on 1200 ml/hr and infused 80 ml.  Performed test again.  Unit performed correctly both tests, was cleaned and returned to service. LP
No Problem:
5/30/2013:  Unit was powered up and showed full charge.  Unit powered up correctly.  Tested unit by infusing 40 ml at 400ml/min.  Then infused 60 ml at 200ml/hr.  Both tests were performed on battery power to insure batteries were working correctly.   Could not duplicate problem of unit not infusing.  Unit performed both tests correctly, was cleaned and returned to service. LP

Bianca was doing a functional test of two of the Perfusor (Syringe) pumps that came back from repair. She noticed that when a 60 ml B-D syringe that one of the possible selections was a Neomed 60 ml syringe.  It was not recognized from testing the pumps before so everything was reloaded onto these pumps and retested.  With the syringe data reloaded the Neomed syringe was no longer available.  We will have to be careful when we get a pump back to be sure that our settings are all correct.  BBraun do put a notice on the pump when the drug library is lost but they do not mention any possible changes in the disposable syringe data.


Return from B-Braun
1/31/2014:  Unit returned from repair at B-Braun.  Unit was charged for > 24 hours.  Unit was powered up and showed Full battery power.  Re-installed Drug Library, Mod data and Disposable data on unit using the HiBase software.  Tests were performed on battery power to verify battery condition.  Unit opened auto syringe.  No error code was given.  Inserted syringe and infused 60mL over 10 minutes.  Unit performed correctly, was cleaned as needed and returned to service.  LP


1/31/2014:  Performed physical, visual inspection on unit.  Verified unit was performing correctly.  No EST was performed as unit is isolated.  Abbreviated PM was performed at this time(1 Year) as manufacturer suggests PM needs to be performed every 2 years.  Device passed all tests, PM sticker updated and unit was entered into service.  LP

Full PM:

10/17/13 – RCF: Performed a physical inspection of the pump and cleaned as needed.  Connected the Service Connector and AC adapter and verified that the unit passed its self-test and recorded the displayed values on the Technical Safety Check (TSC) list attached.  Performed functional testing of the pump.  Performed a delivery accuracy test with the pump set to infuse 30 ml at a rate of 250 ml/hr.  Documented the infusion time at 25 ml and verified that the deviation percentage was within the +/- 5% tolerance.  Removed the service connector and performed an electronic occlusion pressure at pressure stage 1, 5, and 9 with the pump set to infuse 250 ml at a rate of 250 ml/hr.  Recorded the pressures on the TSC list.  Reconnected the service connector and performed the mechanical occlusion pressure with the pump set to infuse 250 ml at a rate of 250 ml/hr.  Recorded the values and left the system pressurized to test the safety clamp.  Verified that the safety clamp maintained the pressure in the system when the door was opened.  Tested the air sensor and temperature sensor with the service connector in place.  Recorded the lowest air sensor value with a fluid filled line and the highest air sensor value with a dry line.  Verified that the air sensor values were within tolerance and the maximum difference between the two temperature readings was 3 degrees C.  Performed an air bubble alarm test with the pump set to infuse 200 ml at a rate of 100 ml/hr.  Carefully inserted a 0.4 ml air bubble into the system and verified that the pump alarmed.  Removed the service connector and restarted the pump to verify that the self-test passed on battery power.  Opened the battery door and verified that the pump alarmed.  Unit passed functional testing, returned to service.

BBraun Pump

Manual Infusamat
Manual Perfusamat
Bianca’s notes
The syringe data is in the disposable data so we should reload everything to be safe.  On the infusomat we would load the library and the modification data and on the perfusor we would load the library, modification data, and disposable data.  The process for doing this can be found on the K drive.  The document is named “How to Load the Configuration and Library to BBraun Pumps”.

5/30/13 Reprogrammed unit with correct drug data, disposable, and modification data.  Unit was cleaned as needed and returned to service.  LP

Software Programming:  
Drug Library  (DL 0104130)
When doing Multiples—Make sure plugged in with black cable (Not White)
Be sure to plug into P2 connector.
Read from Device        You can select all Data for Multiple Pumps. 


Config Library
Write to device
Drug Data
File- Find File  -- it will be a .DLE file
Send to device
Mod Data—Menu Settings Etc

Date Time=  Remove the pumps that you have programmed from the White box.
Date & Time
Green button-  Set
Turn pump on  set to English US


Clone—Pull Data
Double Click on pump
Worker ID = any 4 digits
Calibration data  OK
Check lock bolt
Hit blue button on pump
Is lock bolt open  = Yes
Is lock bolt cleared a& symbol flashing  = Yes
Tab on Right == Disconnect

Invalid Code Error = Data Lock


  • The tubing should be loaded with arrows in a straight line.  If you load it with the tubing twisted, it can result in a high pressure alarm. (Remove tubing and straighten)
  • If the door gets stuck closed, you can manually open the door with the “key” from the back of the unit.  Pull the plug from the left of unit.  Insert the allen key from the back of the pump and screw in.  It manually turns the gears and the door opens. 
  • You can reset the Auto syringe by inserting a paperclip in the hole just above our aeroscout tag. 


Pulling the History off the Pumps

When doing Multiple Pumps,  data is stored in the Depot Folder
Open HiBase Program  (Be sure to Keep Plugged in while programming)
Password is SP3 or nothing at all-doesn’t matter.
Unit initializes
Double click on pump in left window
Right window will populate

  1. Save as spreadsheet.  See Screenshot. 
  2. Spreadsheet (click spreadsheet button) is saved in the

C:\B.Braun Space\HiBaSeD_5.1.0\Spreadsheat     folder.  It is saved under its serial Number.

  1. Copy and place the spreadsheet in

K:\Bio-MED\BBraun Hist\CN ##### SN #####\


  1. Pull history from clone.
    1. Click on clone tab at the bottom of window.  (Says will lose all data)
    2. Double Click device in left window to populate device in right window
    3. Click Read from device on top tab.
    4. Click ALL DATA radio button.
    5. Click Perfusor unit in Devices box
    6. Click FROM DEVICE button (You may have to Enlarge window to see button) and Computer pulls data into several files in the folder

C:\B.Braun space\HiBaSeD_5.1.0\Depot\Infusomat Space S ***Serial number****
You don’t have to save it.  It takes ~2 minutes. 

  1. Go to folder it was saved & Copy folder  (see 4f…perfusor Space (GC) **Serial Num**)
  2. Go back to the BBraun Hist folder (K:\Bio-MED\BBraun Hist\CN ##### SN #####\ )  and paste the folder in. You should have a spreadsheat in this folder and the folder you just pasted in with several files in the folder.
  3. Shut down the program
  4. Unplug Unit from the computer

Checking Alarm—History Do the Print, then Save as .PDF and save to  ?? folder.



 Do NOT press save.  Data is saved when you pull it in